Yahara Bay Distillers

Yahara Bay is a local distiller that makes vodka, rum, gin, and other spirits. They give free tours of their facilities and tasting of their products.

Old Sugar Distillery Tour

The Old Sugar Distillery is makes various types of Spirits and Liqueurs. A tour shows you how they make Freshwater Rum and some other things. They also offer a tasting as part of the tour.

Capital Brewery

Capital Brewery is another of the great local breweries in Madison. Its beer is served nearly everywhere in Madison, but you can also go straight to the bar attached to the brewery. While there you can take a tour of the brewery (schedule it in advance, they sell out always). Or you can just kick back and experience some of their experimental beers while chatting up your friends.

Capitol Building

If you’ve never been to Madison, one of the things you have to check out while you’re here is our Capitol building. I’ve been to 37 of the 50 state capitol buildings, and I haven’t seen one yet that is better than ours. The grounds of the capitol building are always adorned with neatly manicured flowers, trees, and shrubs. There are lots of statues, grand entrances, etc. Inside, you’ll find everything is built from marble and hard woods. The grand dome is hand painted. And as you travel through the building you’ll see lots of great architectural detail. The capitol building is about 8 blocks from the YAPC facilities, and admission is free.

This is one of the potential options on the spouses program tour.

University Tours

UW‚ÄźMadison offers an incredible array of fun and educational field trip options for students, and for campus and community members. We can schedule tours related to science, the arts, history or any other subject. 

This is a potential activity for our spouses program.

State Street

State Street is one of the famous merchant districts in Madison. It is a street that runs from the Capitol to the University and is closed to vehicles. It has hundreds of little shops and restaurants. You’ll find unique boutiques that sell everything from fine art and clothing to high-end bicycles and hand-made leather goods. The restaurants feature cuisine from every corner of the world, whether you want an amazing American cheeseburger, the freshest Japanese sushi, some fantastic Nepalese tarkari, the tastiest East African injera, some mouth-watering Afghani lamb kabobs, and more. 

As part of the spouses program we may either do a guided tour of State Street, or just have a free-for-all shopping trip here.