We are officially having a Hackathon at YAPC::NA 2012. The hackathon will be June 11 & 12 (the 2 days before the conference). We decided to make it two days so that as much work as possible can get accomplished at the YAPC Hackathon.

We’ve acquired a room in the Pyle Center (the location of the conference), and we’re working on sponsorship so we can provide free food and drinks to all who attend.

We’ll work with community members between now and the conference to determine if it should be a free-for-all event, or if it should have structure and goals. If it is decided to have structure and goals, then we may also seek prize sponsors to reward those that achieve Perl-community related goals.

One thing we know for sure we're doing is an Arduino hardware hackathon. Learn how to use Perl to create the Internet of Things. This will be lead by Robert Blackwell of the Pittsburg Perl Mongers.

Please let us know if you’ve got feedback or ideas.


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