Perl: The Next Generation

Perl: The Next Generation

At YAPC, our goal is not only to provide a great social experience and enhance the careers of existing Perl developers, but to bring the next generation of Perl developers into the community.

Why Learn Perl?

Perl is used in nearly every business in the world. It may not be the favored language in each business, but it is the glue that holds business IT infrastructure together. The reasons for this are:

  • Perl runs on nearly every operating system available.
  • A few lines of Perl can achieve amazing things.
  • Perl is great at parsing data.
  • Perl connects to pretty much any database.
  • Perl is great for automating system administration tasks.
  • It's easy to write networking apps in Perl.
  • You can write a web application in three lines of Perl.
  • Perl is already in a large majority of businesses around the world, whether they know it or not.
By learning Perl you're adding a serious skill to your resume that can be used anywhere you work.

Zero to Perl Workshop

brian d foy will be doing a two-day workshop for people who have little or no programming experience. During these two days you'll learn the fundamentals of computer programming.

The workshop costs $250 for the two days, however, need-based scholarships are available.

Future Friends of Perl

As part of our sponsorship program, we're gathering funds to be able to offer scholarships to give some students free badges to come to YAPC. These will be need-based scholarships.

Beginner Track

At YAPC::NA 2012 we will have three days of beginner Perl training. If you know how to program, but don't know Perl (or if you attend the Zero to Perl Workshop), you will be able to pick up new skills every day you are at the conference.

Job Fair

Our job fair will help you locate potential employers for your new skills.

Apply for Perl:TNG

We are offering scholarships for people to attend YAPC and all the Perl: The Next Generation events for free. If you do not need this, please do a paid registration and save the free ones for someone who really needs it. To qualify you must:

  • Have one of these:
    • A valid student ID from a high school, college, tech school, or university.
    • Financial hardship.

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We'll try to find a loaner for you if you need one.