Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

We're very proud of our sponsors. We talk about them any chance we get. Here is our complete list of sponsors for YAPC::NA 2012.


Why work at cPanel?

We speak Perl

cPanel & WHM is developed in Perl. cPanel has and will remain a proud supporter of the Perl community. At cPanel, we welcome both seasoned Perl Developers and promote internal advancement of learning Perl through various venues such as attending YAPC::NA, in house training, Perl Mongers and working side by side with Perl experts.


cPanel is committed to providing competitive benefits with various choices to help you care for yourself and your family. You get a comprehensive range of insurance benefits, paid holidays, catered lunches, a casual work environment, and more!


A unique assortment of people makes for a unique work environment. At cPanel, we enjoy the appreciation of our colleagues, meet challenging demands with a sense of accomplishment, and have a great time while making a difference.


Recently named by Inc. magazine as one of the top 500 fastest growing private companies in America, Linode delivers virtualized cloud services from six regions across the U.S., Europe, and Asia to some of the most innovative companies in the world, such as The Onion and Creative Commons. The company’s proven IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offering enables customers to deploy and manage Linux virtual servers in the Linode Cloud with the ability to scale deployments to meet business demands - paying only for what they use with no long-term commitments. For more information, visit http://www.linode.com/.


Booking.com is part of Priceline.com and is World’s #1 Online Hotel Reservations Company, offering over 200,000 hotels worldwide.

Due to the growth of our IT department we are now hiring Perl devs!

We use Perl, Apache, mod_perl, MySQL, Memcache, Mason, JavaScript, Git, Linux & more!

Our software development basis is SCRUM.

If you want to work in an international, result driven, fun & dynamic environment, join our team in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter is a web-to-print service that creates board games and cards games on demand. It is a modern Perl application with a fully accessible API that has produced over 10,000 games. The Game Crafter has agreed to produce all the printed materials for YAPC::NA 2012.


Shutterstock loves Perl.  We're a stock photo and video company, and we see ourselves at the forefront of technology and research.  We do fascinating things with search, discovery, recommendation engines, and scalability.  We're looking for really smart people and great engineers to help us continue to be a leader in our industry.  We focus on fast, iterative development (over 150 deployments/month) and collaborative, interactive programming. Developers work on small cross-functional teams (4-6 people) that have a voice in setting their own priorities and are expected to build and deploy applications quickly and iteratively.

If that's not enough, check out these other perks:

  • All the hardware you want:  Our philosophy is that hardware is cheap compared to your time.  If you think it will increase your productivity, we'll buy it for you.
  • Professional development:  The more you know, the more valuable you are to us.  So you'll get any tech book you want, and we'll reimburse your tuition for classes.
  • Lots of free goodies: Breakfast, fruit, pizza on Fridays, and even massages.

Interested?  E-mail techjobs@shutterstock.com and we'll start talking.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web Inc. is a managed hosting company operating out of two regions in the Central and Western US. Having been named to INC 5000's fastest growing companies five years running, we're in the midst of a rapid ascent to a position of prominence and recognition amongst the Hosting field.

We have developed much of our software and infrastructure using Perl and continue to do so. The philosophy we employ in the development of our IaaS offerings and internal applications is served fabulously by the robust programming language and exemplary modules provided by the Perl community. As we move forward with our continued expansion, we plan to continue focusing on the zest for innovation and pioneering spirit the company was founded on. In that mission, we are also looking to bring aboard anyone willing to grow and develop with a unique up-and-coming company. If this sounds like you, head over to our Jobs page for additional details.


Corvisa Services is the software development, IT services and marketing division for a series of large and growing companies owned by our Kansas City-based parent company, NovaStar Financial Inc. We build killer software using a variety of languages, with entire teams devoted to Perl.

Our newly expanded tech mecca in downtown Milwaukee offers perks like:

  • Competitive compensation, benefits, and a jean-friendly, casual work environment
  • Code Love: Hackathons, code contests and opportunities to see your work turned into viable new product lines
  • Freebies: snacks, catered lunches, corporate discounts and as much caffeine as your heart desires
  • Wellness: Free campus fitness center, massage events, a game room and plenty of team events to keep things fun

For more information on Corvisa and our available jobs, visit www.corvisa.com

UW Extension

University of Wisconsin-Extension provides statewide access to university resources and research so the people of Wisconsin can learn, grow and succeed at all stages of life. UW-Extension carries out this tradition of the Wisconsin Idea – extending the boundaries of the university to the boundaries of the state – through its four divisions of continuing education, cooperative extension, entrepreneurship and economic development and broadcast and media innovations. UW Extension is sponsoring all the facilities for YAPC::NA 2012.


Founded in 1998 as DynDNS.org, Dyn is the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) leader, powering DNS and email delivery for enterprise, small business and personal users. The company’s DNS offerings range from simple DNS management to a robust enterprise class DNS solution built on a 17-location, globally diverse IP Anycast network with advanced Load Balancing, Geographic Traffic Management and CDN control features. The company’s email products provide inbound and outbound delivery solutions, highlighted by a comprehensive enterprise-class MTA service focused on maximum email deliverability and inbox monitoring. Dyn is committed to customer relationships, engineering excellence and supporting open source community efforts. Uptime is the Bottom Line. dyn.com - @DynInc.


CargoTel, headquartered in Baltimore MD, provides transportation and field-service web and wireless applications in North America and is expanding its offerings in South America, Europe and Asia. It's software is centered around Perl and delivered on a SAAS basis using many of the latest technologies such as HTML 5 on Android browser-based wireless applications. CargoTel hosts Baltimore Perl Mongers and is a supporter of other Perl organizations. http://cargotel.com


ThinkGeek has been a proud sponsor of YAPC for many years, and is one of the most iconic shops on the web today. 

ThinkGeek started as an idea. A simple idea to create and sell stuff that would appeal to the thousands of people out there who were on the front line and in the trenches as the Internet was forged. ThinkGeek started as a way to serve a market that was passionate about technology, from programmers, engineers, students, lovers of open source, to the masses that helped create the behind-the-scenes Internet culture.


DuckDuckGo is a general purpose search engine, primarily written in Perl. DDG offers way more instant answers, way less spam/clutter and real privacy. DuckDuckGo has been giving back to open source, and we're proud to include them as our sponsor for YAPC::NA 2012. A growing portion of DDG itself is open, including user-contributed Perl goodies.  

OHPA Software

Ohio-Pennsylvania Software is a web application development firm dedicated to providing secure, reliable Internet applications and an exceptional level of customer service. We employ friendly, talented staff whose number one priority is the satisfaction of the customer. Our primary services include:

  • Rental property management software
  • Event registration software
  • Custom software development
  • Web design and hosting

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we provide quality software to clients in a variety of industries, from legal services to real estate, tourism, information services, publishing, photography, and nonprofit organizations.


GitHub is version control for software development and so much more. Whether it's a weekend side project, your favorite open source library, a startup destined for glory, or your company's app, GitHub helps everyone work together with tools for easier collaboration and more visibility. Check it out — open source is free! 

Best Practical

Best Practical Solutions LLC are the creators of RT: Request Tracker, the leading open-source issue tracking system.

Best Practical was founded to deliver value to RT's established base of users by providing custom development and user support for RT. We are fully committed to supporting RT as an open source technology, while providing the quality development and support necessary to operations in commercial enterprises and corporations.

Infinity Interactive

Infinity Interactive is a New York based, multi-discipline consultancy that serves global organizations with local attention.  We build simple websites, infrastructure for multi-national corporations and everything in between.  Our strengths are our relationships with our partner companies and our focus on quality.

We are committed to open source software and are very active in the Perl community.  Therefore we are proud to sponsor YAPC::NA 2012!

Grant Street Group

Grant Street Group is a Software as a Service pioneer. In 1997, our company hosted the world's first online bond auction for the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since this first auction, over 3,100 clients have used our software to process financial transactions exceeding $11 trillion. 

Today, Grant Street Group is a growing company providing Software as a Service in fields such as electronic payments, auctions, and tax collection.  Our customers include banks, financial companies, and state and local governments.

Are you a Perl expert? Do you prefer programming at home instead of getting interrupted at the office?

Do you want to tackle challenging software engineering problems in a well established and fast growing company?

Do you want to work with talented and smart developers?  Build elegant and scalable solutions for large applications?  Meet the challenges of deadlines while still delighting customers? Then you'd enjoy working at Grant Street Group and we'd like to hear from you.

pair Networks

pair Networks, Inc., a global Web site hosting and domain name registration company, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, hosts hundreds of thousands of Web sites for businesses, bloggers, artists, musicians, educational institutions,  and non-profit organizations from around the world.  

pair Networks first went online in January 1996 and has experienced strong growth year after year.  pair Networks is well-managed, consistently profitable, and one of the world leaders in its industry.  

All of pair Networks' operations, including datacenters, support operations, administrative facilities, and employee commutes & business travel are 100% Carbon Neutral. Plus, pair Networks is powered by 100% renewable energy.

To learn more about pair Networks, visit: http://www.pair.com/

Double Prime

Founded over 10 years ago to support an eCommerce initiative from a new client, Double Prime, continues to evolve and grow. Today, with a team of 80+ engineers, project managers and designers and over 150 eCommerce websites in 25+ countries, we have established ourselves as a leader in customized international and domestic technology solutions.

Our core technical and corporate philosophies have proven successful in the highly competitive world of eCommerce. What we hold true:

  • Creating solutions to meet and exceed your expectations 
  • Customizing our development around your requirements 
  • Personal and frequent interaction with our team
  • Simple and efficient technical implementations
  • Partnerships are critical to building and growing success

Shadowcat Systems

Shadowcat Systems is a developer, sponsor of, and contributor to open source software projects including Catalyst, Moose, Moo, Tak, Devel::Declare and DBIx::Class. Shadowcat provides consultancy, training and support for these projects and for most of CPAN; systems management and automation; the design and implementation of network architecture; the development of proprietary and open source custom web applications; and offers Perl refactoring and project crisis management.

Shadowcat Systems are based in the United Kingdom but we deliver solutions to a global community of clients via onsite supervision along with traditional and internet based communications.


ActiveState empowers innovation from code to cloud smarter, safer, and faster. ActiveState’s cutting-edge solutions give developers and enterprises the power and flexibility to develop in Java, Ruby, Python, Perl, Node.js, PHP, Tcl, and more. Stackato is ActiveState’s groundbreaking cloud platform for creating a private platform as a service (PaaS), and is the cost-effective, secure, and portable way to develop and deploy apps to the cloud. ActiveState is proven for the enterprise: More than two million developers and 97% of Fortune-1000 companies use ActiveState’s end-to-end solutions to develop, distribute, and manage their software applications. Global customers like Cisco, CA, HP, Bank of America, Siemens, and Lockheed Martin look to ActiveState to save time, save money, minimize risk, ensure compliance, and reduce time to market.

For more information, visit www.activestate.com.

Rimm-Kaufman Group

RKG is a full-service digital marketing agency that combines talented and creative marketing analysts with unmatched proprietary technological capabilities to create the industry’s most efficient and effective data-driven online marketing solutions. We drive business to our clients by maximizing a full range of opportunities including Pay-Per-Click, SEO, Social Media Advertising, Comparison Shopping Management, Display Advertising and Multichannel Attribution Management Services. RKG was founded in 2003 and works with organizations ranging in size from young startups to established Fortune 500 companies in sectors including retail, travel and finance.


Bluehost is one of the leading web hosting firms in the United States. The company has a rock solid shared hosting platform to support individuals, professionals and small businesses. In addition, Bluehost has the best customer support rating (NPS) in the industry. All development at Bluehost is done with Perl. The development team has a number of senior Perl developers who are regular contributors to CPAN, having written modules such as CGI::EX and Template::Alloy. One of the Bluehost developers helped write Strawberry Perl. If you are interested in joining a leading edge Perl development shop, come talk to us at the YAPC job fair. 


Education is one of the most relevant topics in our nation, because it is important.  LiveText is doing forward looking work in education that is making a difference.  We’re looking for “difference making” people. If you’re a smart and energetic self-starter who would like to “make a difference” in transforming education, we want to talk to you!

By hiring top people and nurturing a culture that empowers and rewards those people, we are building one exceptional company.

Open positions include: 

  • Software Engineer
  • MySQL Database Administrator
  • User Interface Designer
  • Systems Administrator
  • System Architect

LiveText provides schedule flexibility, an open office environment, and a full benefits package that includes: Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, 401k, and Paid Vacations/Holidays.

 If you’re interested in any of the open positions, visit the LiveText booth located within Exhibit Hall B of the Job Fair and Expo. Resumes may also be forwarded to, “resume@livetext.com”.

$foo Magazine

$foo Magazine is a quarterly publication that is entirely devoted to Perl, it is currently only available in German and is on its nineteenth issue. The purpose of $foo magazine is to present and discuss projects written in Perl; to keep up-to-date with the latest news in the community including about The Perl Foundation; to publish tutorials on Perl projects such as WxPerl, Perl 6, Moose; it also gives news on CPAN modules (6 new modules are covered in each issue).

EF Johnson Technologies

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, EFJohnson Technologies, Inc. focuses on innovating, developing and marketing the highest quality secure communications solutions to organizations whose mission is to protect and save lives. The Company’s customers include first responders in public safety and public service, the federal government, and industrial organizations. The Company’s products are marketed under the EFJohnson and Transcrypt International names and are Made in America.

Our product portfolio includes Project 25 compliant two-way radios, P25 compliant trunked and conventional infrastructure systems, and voice encryption modules for all brands of analog two-way radios.

http://www.efjohnsontechnologies.com - @EFJohnsonCo

No Starch Press

No Starch Press publishes the finest in geek entertainment--distinctive books on computing, such as bestsellers /Steal This Computer Book/, /Hacking: The Art of Exploitation/, /Practical Packet Analysis/, and /The Manga Guides/. We focus on open source/Linux, security, hacking, programming, alternative operating systems, and science and math. Our titles have personality and attitude, our authors are passionate about their subjects, and we read and edit every book that bears our name. Our goal is to make computing accessible to technophile and novice alike, and our readers appreciate our straightforward presentation and fearless approach to the complex world of technology. No Starch Press titles have been included in the prestigious /Communication Arts/ Design Annual and STEP inside 100 competition, and have won the Ippy Award from /Independent Publisher/ magazine.

Open Make Software

OpenMake Software is the DevOps Authority providing an enterprise scale DevOps framework for streamlining the build, test and deploy life cycle. Our solutions enable customers to reduce software development cycle times, improve communication between development and production control teams, increase developer productivity, and provide management with actionable audit and traceability reports.  We go beyond what our competitors can offer by providing developers and production control a secure and dynamic operations framework that does not depend on brittle static scripts.   Our solutions deliver on-demand cloud based server provisioning,  environment configuration management,  dependency management and continuous integration.  Over 100,000 users at 400 companies worldwide rely on the DevOps framework from OpenMake Software.


Linux Fund is a community-neutral 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides financial and administrative support to the open source community. We have given away over $750,000 to open source events and projects around the world since our founding in 1999 using funds raised through our line of credit cards and direct donations.

Our primary focus is to bring promising OSI-compliant software projects to production status and foster the community efforts surrounding them.

Sinan Unur

Sinan Unur is an economist and developer who appreciates the beauty, power, and convenience of Perl, especially when he is not allowed to use it. He blogs about Perl and other programming topics on ν42 and you can usually find him answering questions on Stackoverflow.


MediaMath is a confluence of media, technology and massive amounts of data. There is a transformation of an industry underway and MediaMath is at the cutting edge. Our engineers develop very complex, innovative, and highly scalable technology to change how advertising is bought, sold, and traded. Their breakthroughs create new market places, solve long-standing problems, and push new technology every day. It’s a very exciting company in a very exciting industry. Our platform handles billions of transactions per hour and we reach hundreds of millions of Internet and mobile users worldwide…and we're not done yet! The platform and tools we develop are built to scale because this revolution has just begun. Our team of industry pioneers continually enhances our industry-leading platform that leverages our algorithmic media buying technology, enabling media buyers to buy ad space and manage their media campaigns. Great, but what does that mean for you as an engineer? It means opportunities to work on improving our algorithmicbuying platform (known as “The Brain”), working on super fast systems, and integrate multiple partners via our APIs.


MadMongers (Madison Area Perl Mongers) is the group planning and delivering YAPC::NA 2012. We are organizing the conference, promoting it, and doing our absolute best to ensure you have a good time. If you live in or around Madison, WI and are looking for a cool group to join, then look no further, because you've found us!